Little Lost Lassie

Little Lost Lassie short poem

(Often wonder at the children neglected, orphaned or left to their devices. And cropped up a poem, on their battles and their victories.)

There once lived a little lost lassie…

In a small town strewn with people busy.

Oft, Unheard, Unknown, and Uncared for..

Every year she lived under a new roof.

The Chaperones had different faces,

New meals, new friends and new graces..

She amused herself with toys careless,

Moments and thoughts, seemed aimless.

She sought for something consistent, a dream,

A pretty home as in some painting she had seen..

A family hand in hand, walking in pretty scenery..

Or Music charming off, her little brittle worries!

Her smiles when in that dream, was cherished..

Akin to sunshine that leads the cold to perish.

Her smiles would hide the perils she faced..

The smile had the confidence for happy days!

Oft, she saw life as an interesting riddle!

Opened new doors, to be intrigued, to fiddle..

With time, she learned to master any dare…

Yet, warm to those, who had felt life’s glare.

Her tenets refined her wafts, with most waves

Her reason on life, was well beyond the waif!

Ever resolute, to someday own her dream,

Someday, her life would be on her themes..

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Swathi Rao

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A few words strung together on inspiration, or a few thoughts penned down for clarity. A hobby that has consistently matched to represent the inspirations in me. Most often, they are from incidents and trends happening around the world, books or articles that I may parse through, or some noble cause that had greatly impressed me. I have been writing poems, and short stories, since I had been 6 years. Music and poetry walk hand in hand; good music, good poetry shall always stay my favorite pastime.
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Editorial Board

@Swathi_Rao the empathy of your thoughts and its expression through your writing is great. it is heart-warming to know that they are people like you who care and share the same. Your writing is rhythmic as always and heart touching.


A heartfelt poem and yes I hope this lost lassie gets her wish. and the other sad children too.


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