Seven Roads

Seven Roads prose poem

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Ashburn paths where purple fighters slay
The hemispheres match like hands folded
All analogies bring you to me
We run like wild nightmares
We kiss like dark art on a lost street
Now we must look at one another
We part

Are you redeemed?
Somethings cannot be healed
We sort the mayhem
Borders of the insane rage
Narcissistic moon like a stiletto

Out of bounds
Burn in the fire of chaos
Sexual disintegration

Can we change?
Can we truly feel we are sorry?

These days without you are lonely
Like a rain filled with pain
Walks with country air
Clean time and chemical balance
Taking responsibility
Looking in the mirror
Really admitting where I was wrong
You are gone
I hope you forgive yourself and me
I have forgiven you
I am trying to forgive myself
I hope we both can love again

The seven stages of grief

Shock and denial
Pain and guilt
Depression, reflection, loneliness

Have your walked the seven roads?

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Joseph Narusiewicz

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I am a documentary film maker and I write the majority of the music for my films. I have my own band and recording and audio-video studio in my home. Much of my music is used in my films. Three of my films are in stores as Dvd's. I also am a poetI am here to meet artists, poets and other musicians as well as other Christians.
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Ashwini Dodani

Hard hitting. Loved it 🙂



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