Infinite Seclusion

Infinite Seclusion short poem

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Ephemeral landscapes
Anything for an ethereal escape.

Through trodden lands come fatuous perceptions.
As though materials fade behind the shadowy hem of night,
Hasty winds succumb through numerous violations.
Empty space here, concrete expressions of plight
Downward facing valleys may draw depictions of greatness,
Yet, through height comes nothing but illusions of prowess.

Distilled through times come ever-expanding randomness
Yet, through deafening calmness, serenity is instilled.
Emptiness or infinity?
Common consciousness or profane affinity?
Through the motions may there be destruction
Is it a declaration or an inquiry?
Through silence there may exude energy.

You can outrun without it ever being undone
The end is nigh, wait under the embellished sky
One on one, eye to eye
Lips sealed yet souls connected
Bodies miles apart yet embedded
Energy streaming, goodness pouring
No motion created yet energy constructed
Constellations glow through boundless scales
As alterations flow through seamless veils,
Bright may they be and boundlessly generated.
A galaxy contains infinite universes
And universes pertain perpetual elusiveness.

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I was born in France, and bathed in a language that I still consider to this day, as the most poetic and beautiful language for the expression of the heart. It became obvious that I had deeply fallen in love with poetry when my pen first guided me to create a lyrical formula for my mother on mother's day. For the past four years I have tried to translate my emotional process from french to english. So now I can offer you my joys, fears, epiphanies and sadnesses through the filter of my soul.
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and the universes pertain perpetual elusiveness yes so true! I loved the concept in this poem strikes a cord with my own thinking. Wonderful read.



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