The Journey To The Sky

The Journey To The Sky ballad

Photo by photon_de

I want to soar so high
Just about to touch the sky
And pretend I could just fly
What’s growing indifference has made me
And jealousy has greyed me
So I cut my shackles loose
And let my head into the noose
And soared so high
High above the sky

For meet me where the sky touches the shores
So I could behold the end of the whole
The impossible like meeting of highest to the lows
For it is there I could see and believe
And go back not to grieve
And I will leave trusting
And years lusting
The perfect things in the world
That could come and make us lulled

And there up above the sky
I let myself cry
And in my loudest cries
And emotional highs
Thought of darkness and lies
But 10 miles to the west
And 10 miles to the east
The distance was far too deep
So I looked into the bottom of the sea
Dangling between the devil and dark blue sea
I let the devil take me
But the stars saved me
So a light came scathing through the soul
That forbade the entrance into the black hole
So I have come all savored
Back to usual pomp and glares
But the blossomless period haunts me
And future’s uncertainty daunts me
But I think of stars and sky
And my journey to fly
So I let my spirit free
Just want it to be me
And I just flew up above
Thinking of nothing but Love
So all the fears left me
And mysterious joy heft me
Heft me to the sky
Where I was so high
High above the sky
Where I could just fly.

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