Spontaneous Frisco Bay

San Francisco Skyline Trembles and quakes with pinpricks of light,
Throbbing multi-million galaxies of secret lives
Ebbing and absorbing one another in the crisp California night
Speeding towards the Mission in a rust bucket, Old Haggard hearse of jovial youth
You are filled to the brim with energy disguised as things,
things to wear, things to wash, things to be thrown away.
Things brought together with a purpose of leaving.
A car full of things is out of place in the Buddha nature of its passengers,
who argue Koans,
Pointing fingers to the moon like robe ridden Bhikkus,
Like two White Kids in Chinatown, walking with aimless passion
searching for some esoteric answer shut behind shutters
in one-room apartments of the working class.
Kids who stumble into the refugees of our forebearers, tears streaming down faces as we breath in Old Beat dust on the Streets of Frisco entering faux-Samadhi in the late afternoon
As parking meters tick away dollars like old misers counting their blessings.
Hold voices ringing off walls an aching echo that still drips with the ectoplasm of vitality so many years later.
Who blast Jazz and talk of sex, driving too fast over the Bay Bridge at sun down
like cinematic reproduction of adventures in the late fifties drab,
excited by thump, thump, thump bass lines and bursts of Sutra from prophetic
Saxophone Buddhas.
Hallucinations that play in my head in dorm rooms of the Pacific Northwest, mid-morning dew glistening off big leaf maples like an infinite net of Jewels, reflected refractions of fractured realities falling back into union.

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Chaise Rocco Levy

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Born in Topanga Canyon I found poetry first in the changing of the seasons, the sly movements of animals telling stories with their walks. But it wasn't until moving to Portland, Oregon that I discovered my expression, the welling of words in my self to express the beauty in mundane, the Holy Moments of every day life surrounded by concrete and towering metal buildings. A journey in finding the slyness in the human animals, and the shifting seasons on busses in a great city.
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Editorial Board

Welcome to HoP @Chaise and what a scintillating debut, this one makes it straight to the editorial picks! This poem is especially noteworthy for its vibrancy of writing; it is the way we see poetry going in the future..The flow of narration and the imagery as well as the metaphors used really make this a worthy read which we are sure all our readers will enjoy..so do keep writing lots more!


Loved your poem:)


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