Bloody Wars

Bloody Wars short poem

Photo by Jayel Aheram

Blood splatter everywhere,
You can hear cries in the air.
Oh! There’s so much despair,
Why, in war, is everything fair?

Differences in colour, religion,
Nose – All depends on our region.
These differences, can’t we accept?
Instead of killing those we reject?

War is rather extreme,
We are humans, One Team.
Diversity is rather good!
‘Cause of it, We get different Food…

Why should we kill someone?
For they have different versions of fun?
Or because they receive different amounts of sun?
Disarm the bomb, Put down the gun!

What joy do you receive?
No, really, Please tell me!
By inflicting pain on others
& depriving kids of their mothers?

They are innocent,
Just born different,
Why must you torment?
Every being is God sent!

One thing, I must say,
At the end of the day,
We are all similar in a way,
Our bodies turn to mud as we lay.

We are all a part of nature,
So why can’t we act more mature?
All this, I don’t want to endure
For this gore, is there any cure?

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4 Comments on "Bloody Wars"

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Beautiful poem especially in the heat of international tensions. Good to read and feel a heartfelt poem about Unity!

Peter Kiggin

A very confused mind wrote this piece,explaination is because it sounds too trivial to bring emotion to its context . I have written many pieces of work that tackle the same problems and very rarely do I have the answer that people want but what they think they want and need.

Shamala Chandran

Can understand this emotion in these times of violence all around the world. Seriously, keeps me wondering why war?


A wonderful poem depicting the futility of war causing pain and destruction of human lives , so precious ,
as it is the gift of God .


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