Thought You Knew

Thought You Knew prose poem

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Can’t You Tell?
I Love….
I Smile…
I Live in his Grace
I make mistakes…
I right my wrongs…
The light inside shines through my face.
They are angry with mean words Judging my pain
We Flow in and out, good and bad don’t we all?
Watching and learning through bread crumbs we chase
Can’t You tell?
love free…
life is free
so is my right to utilize what was Given to me.
The hair through your toes…
Your skin, Blood & chromosomes
For you to use to flourish individually.
When searching for a mate, job, clothes or friend
Your Most High should you really search to be?
the talk, the walk, and touch is like no other percieved
Can’t you tell?
Creation of Creator who knows best
That cares and watches me most
Looks inside and knows what thrives
To learn and prepare for our own desire
Molding and chiseling into our own perfection
We get what we ask for, we are what we provide.
It’s all inside all ready to perform
All we bring out Through correction and his attention, we survive.
Cant you tell? …. It was obvious I thought you knew.

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Seraiah Naomi Israel

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Born In Corona Queens New york, in Laquadia Hospital. Raised in Jamaica, Queens between Bronx Ny & Williams/Walterboro Sc.I Now Enjoy the wonderful Lifestyle of Charleston South Carolina.
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Funkekeme Akposeye

I love the poem and the title!

Randall Smith

The first time I read this I thought, cute and pretty. Then the second time I saw a lot of meaning and depth and the wonder of your mind. Such deep feelings put into a great turn of words.


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