The Leeches

The Leeches prose poem

Photo by L.C.Nøttaasen

Have you seen the leeches of society?
Have you seen them crawling like snakes?
Sucking off the life of everyone
Have you seen them with their lawyers?
Working the law so the rich get richer
Talking of freedom and rights
Have you seen them working global markets?
Polluting the rivers and the lands
Using genetic engineering for more gain
Owning sold out scientist
Buying PHD’S and technology
Owning the means of production
Owning and buying the media
Owning the courts
Pouring money into every election
Masters of propaganda
Creating wars for their interests
Using the whole world as a game
They love power and control
Indigenous people killed, in cages
In reservations
The roll of progress
Imperialism, manifest destiny
People of color trampled
Have you seen their Atlas Shrugged grins

Blessed are you who are poor, yours is the kingdom
The trampled on migrant worker
The poor lonely immigrant who is disdained
The worker in a slave shop
The worker without a pension
The women who can’t afford a papsmear test
The cancers
The hungry children
The alcoholic families full of shame
The laid off and unemployed
Those that work 12-hour days without healthcare
Looking at his disciples, he said
Blessed are those who are persecuted because of
Righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven
Blessed are you who hunger now, for you will be satisfied

The hour is late
The leeches are very wicked
They come with the power of modern technology
They want your mind
They want your vote
Resist them until they are judged
For they will throw their gold into the streets
Your task master puppets shall fall
Your national guards who enslave shall fall
Your greed and avarice shall crumble
His heel was bruised but your head is crushed

The Leeches live in gated communities
They suck the life out of the working class
They buy lobbyists to support their oppression
They ship jobs overseas for more profit
Chickens bloated with hormones
Their legs broken from too quick of growth
Cattle tortured for quick meat
Animals should graze
Pigs are smarter than dogs
Cruelty beyond comprehension
All for money and more money
Rivers polluted
Lakes with mercury
Industry and watersheds ruined

They try to bust unions
They hate and fear organized labor
They despise the poor
They think they are so special and smart
They are elitist
They live off the hard work of others
They hate fair wages
They hate benefits
They support sweatshop labor
They use religion to win support
They hate fair distribution of power and wealth
They fear your vote
They blame the victim
They send their offspring to the best of schools
They will fight low college tuitions for average people
They love to own politicians
They work against healthcare
They love tax shelters
They want their interests protected
See them fly around in their jets
They call the poor leeches
They laugh at the people in the unemployed lines
They think they are self-made men
They are the dregs and leeches of the blood of the world
See them create so much pain and sorrow

Behold, the wages of the laborers who mowed your fields,
Which you kept back by fraud, are crying out against you,
And the cries of the harvesters
Have reached the ears of the Lord of hosts.

Woe unto the Leeches

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Joseph Narusiewicz

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I am a documentary film maker and I write the majority of the music for my films. I have my own band and recording and audio-video studio in my home. Much of my music is used in my films. Three of my films are in stores as Dvd's. I also am a poetI am here to meet artists, poets and other musicians as well as other Christians.
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Good morning Joseph—-I drew breath only at the end of your poem. the whole of life in one poem, mmm the bad part. Its survival as this new age sees fit. Me! now I put rose coloured specs on most of the time.
But yes your poem rings some truth and now I breath again.

Cheryl Koomoa Hibbard

I’m still following your poetry,my friend. Keep the message alive with fire! Thanks, Joe! May all of your needs be met according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. I’m still praying for you to be abundantly blessed with open doors in all of your needs met and that you would continue to write and say will always cherish the poems that you do write. Keep preaching the time is getting shorter and shorter or for us to do the will of the Lord. Stay in touch with me. Thanks for inviting me here.