An Awaited End.

An Awaited End. short poem

I stand alone gulping the lazy sun

Slouching in sky, avoiding everyone

A chaotic day, finally descending

Darkness sprouts an intoxicated ending

A quiet little leaf falls from a tree

You sigh at its fall, I am glad it’s free

The dry twigs see no point extending

green, brown and a calm ending.

You say I love and I promise to stay

And our feelings change, everyday

No more farce, lets stop pretending

And bless ourselves, a harmonious ending.

Inhaled thoughts, condense in mind

Life is a hallucination, one of its kind

A calm death, blissfully transcend

Each breath born with an awaited end!

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Chandrama Deshmukh

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Chandrama Deshmukh is a writer by profession and a poet by passion. Moonlit Monochrome is her first collection of English poems. She has authored two books of Marathi poems. A storyteller of sorts, the moon is her muse. Poetry for Chandrama is that one streak of silver lining amidst the chaos of life. Being an avid reader, photography enthusiast and a part-time playwright, she believes nothing touches her soul the way poetry does.Buy a copy of Moonlit Monochrome - | | FlipKart | Infibeam | Smashwords | Google Play | Amazon KindleWhat Is Moonlit Monochrome?I am picking up pieces of life And handing them over to you. Dipped in words. And longing. This book is a map of my soul. My moonlit monochrome.- Chandrama
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Editorial Board

The maturity of thoughts in this piece by Chandrama gives a sense of calm and peace. while seperation is usually dealt with, with a feeling of angst and being wronged, what is appreciable in this writing is the poet’s clarity of thought and expression which makes the reader want to sigh and smile and look forward to a new beginning. Very nice Chandrama! the words fit so perfectly too.

Reyvrex Questor Reyes

“The dry twigs see no point extending” of course, it has withered. I like the rhymes.

Jayshree Murali

A wonderful metaphor using the dry twig…. serene and philosophical. enjoyed the read !


‘Life is an hallucination…. each breath born with an awaited end..” quite intense…frightening and wonderfully strung!


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