Poetry is ordinary language raised to the Nth power. Poetry is boned with ideas, nerved and blooded with emotions, all held together by the delicate, tough skin of words.

Paul Engle

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Napoleon Bonaparte


Corsican born, and an Emperor mighty indeed. Who from obscurity came up to prominence, who from French shores the attacks of armies repelled, who had at his disposal, Europe’s resources, who to Saint Helena from French shores was expelled, of old Italian nobility he was seed, shortish in height, yet towering in ambition. Military genius


lonely girl

Sitting alone Just sitting and thinking Simply deciding But never confiding A rise in emotion But no sound No motion Sitting quietly Hoping and praying Simply tapping Then suddenly snapping At nothing and no-one And now it’s too late What’s done is done And you Defying and trying Crying and crying From extreme to extreme

Portrait of Serenity

Lake and boat

Slipped from the tree fell into the beautiful bushes Tickling the hell out of me Cold Cold water touch my feet to comfort Wasteful thoughts sieved out Let’s call upon the sunlight and complete this Portrait that consists of me , the tree & all the Beaut . Fly , I Fly this ain’t no


An apparition

Drifting by my window pane On a cold dark winters eve No sign or trace; no echo or sound No path to follow or deceive A silent spectre; ethereal form A hazy memory; from life ’twas torn Jealously wanting what now it resents An anger no mortal can perceive or prevent A pulsating obsession of

The Bee

A bee

To achieve each goal, you become industrious, Queen and worker each by roles distinguished. To cause to flourish and be established; a colony whose peace could get precarious, when intruders are stung in defensive fury by your weapons of stings to inflinct injury. Pleasant and sweet is your yield in every season; a pleasant service

Hold On

girl near a window

Hold them dear And protect them from fear Shelter them from the raging storm And look forward to the sun and the warm Tough times are ahead Light can seem far away Together you are strong And can face the coming days Hold them love them And soothe tearful eyes For peace and togetherness Follow


two red roses

  Roses have colours with global appeal; some are pink, blue, red, white and they reveal glamour and beauty for all to cherish. Roses have in them the power of love, so do they, the ability to heal a heart broken and tormented by grief. In our relationships they distinguish themselves as love gifts to

The Crane

A Crane

Oh bird, your meditation, that Indian monks borrowed And conduct school of meditation, with no means, To their ends, as they do it artificially, as a road-show; But thou makes it creative to find your prey and catch it As a day-to-day affair, seeking the daily bread for living. Wonderful, your slow, steady and step

The Song Bird

song bird

The little songbird sits silent, Lost in the thoughts of sweet spring. The last dregs of his warmth are spent, As the final birds take wing. The old gnarled tree cried to the bird “Fly away dear feathered friend, The last leaves of spring are withered, And the bright flowers are all dead,” “Nay! My